Spider-Man Bunting Infant CostumeWe all know that Peter Parker did not develop his special abilities and become Spiderman until he was a teenager. But surely, some of his instincts must have developed when he was a baby. Imagine how he would have developed had he worn a Baby Spiderman Costume.

Unfortunately, Peter was still a babe when he lost his parents. His father, Richard Parker, had taken a new job to go overseas for a few months. So, Peter’s parents asked Richard’s brother Ben to look after Peter while they were gone.

Peter’s only clear memory of his father is of his farewell at the airport. Peter also remembers that his mother Mary had tears in her eyes as she kissed him goodbye.

Peter did not see his parents again because they supposedly died in a plane crash a month later. However, years later, Peter uncovered facts that contradicted what he had been told about the death of his parents. Information suggesting that they might still be alive.

Had Peter’s spidey-sense been nurtured as a tot, he may have been able to avoid the untimely death of his parents. The good news is that it’s not too late for your baby.

The Baby Spiderman Costume is adorable and will melt any evildoer’s heart. This snuggly costume includes a bunting with a red and black webbed top with spider detail, blue bottom and a red and black webbed soft cap. Available in infant sizes 0-6 months, this spiderman costume will keep your little one warm, cuddly and on alert!

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