The Amazing Spider-Man Black-Suited Spider-Man Muscle Chest Child CostumePeter Parker’s original Spiderman suit was red and blue with underarm webs. The Spiderman costume evolved during the course of his career. For example, the symbol on his chest changed several times and the webbing beneath his arms sometimes disappears.

The most significant change to Spiderman’s costume occurred after he found himself on a satellite in a galaxy far from Earth. Spiderman had been transported, along with other Super Heroes, to a planet called Battleworld by a near-omnipotent being called the Beyonder.

The Beyonder wanted heroes and villains to fight against one another. After fighting many battles, Spiderman’s costume was in tatters. He found a machine that could replace the ruined clothing. The machine produced a black Spiderman costume.

The black Spiderman costume had a lot of advantages over the red and blue one. It had a seemingly endless supply of webbing, and it could change its appearance instantly. It seemed to respond to Peter’s thoughts, and would slip over him whenever he wanted to go out web-swinging. The black Spiderman suit also created “pockets” instantly to store Peter’s possessions.

Black Spiderman Gloves

Black Spiderman Gloves

It’s no wonder why kids love the black Spiderman costume so much. It essentially mimics and improves super powers. But, likeSpiderman, you have to be careful where you get if from. You see, Spiderman later realized that his black Spiderman suit was an alien symbiote that wanted to form a permanent attachment to him. With the help of the Fantastic Four, he got rid of it and went back to his old look.

The Black Cat, however, thought the black Spiderman costume looked better. So, she made a cloth version of it as a gift to Spidey. He then used both costumes for many months and didn’t get rid of the black one until Venom entered his life.

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