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Is your little guy climbing the walls to have a great Halloween this year? Well don’t let his spidey sense tingle for too long! Get him the Glow In The Dark Spiderman Costume!

The Glow In The Dark Boys Spiderman Costume is officially licensed by Marvel and is a great addition to an arsenal of superhero costumes. This costume comes with a classic blue and red jumpsuit with the Spider-Man logo printed on the chest and spider web printing on the wrist cuffs and shins. The spider logo and the web on the chest section have special glow-in-the-dark printing that will glow at night.

The jumpsuit velcros in the back for easy on and off. The full over-head Spiderman mask is red and has a matching spider web print on it. Eye and nose holes allow for easy breathing and the hood secures with a Velcro strip at the back of the head. The eye sections are outlined in the same glow-in-the-dark print for even more glowing detail. This makes for extra freaky fun!

So, when the sun goes down and the evil-doers in the city come out, your child will be there to save the day, standing out brighter than ever in this glowing Spiderman kids costume! He’ll be unmistakable as the masked web-slinger, even in the dark. This unique Spiderman costume is sure to make him stand out this Halloween.

Spider Man Gloves - Deluxe ChildAvailable in child sizes 4-6 and 7-8, your child will have the coolest Spiderman costume in the neighborhood. It’s designed to make onlookers take notice and stare. All you need to do is add a pair of classic Spiderman boot covers and Spiderman gloves for the complete package.

This glow-in-the-dark kids Spiderman costume is a different and unique Halloween costume for boys. It blends a classic look with modern detailing for an even more amazing Spiderman. And with this outfit, your child is sure to enjoy hours upon hours of fun. So don’t just stand around, order this costume today and breathe new life into a legend!

Your child can finally be a crime fighter by day and night with this kids Spider-Man Fiber Optic Costume. An officially licensed Marvel™ Heroes costume, your child will surely light up a room in this outfit. He will be the envy of all his friends.

This child’s Spidey costume includes a blue and red polyester jumpsuit with fiber optic features on the torso. A matching polyester mask also lights up with fiber optic features. The fiber optics are powered by a battery that can be replaced.

The light up mask and chest make this one-of-a-kind Spider-Man costume truly unique and a showstopper that will help him stand out this Halloween. Just be forewarned that once he puts it on, it may be hard to get him to take it off. But don’t worry, the costume is made to last.

You should also be aware that some users report that the mask runs a bit small. So, you may want to order a size larger to ensure a good fit. Currently, this costume is available for toddlers in sizes 3T-4T and children in sizes 4-6, 7-8, and 10-12.

Spider-Man Child Boot CoversTo top off the outfit, add the Spider-Man Child Boot Covers for the total Spidey look! The boot covers complete the look from head to toe. They feature Spider-Man’s traditional red print with black spider web details. They also have a rubber non-skid bottom and are perfect for an indoors party, or dressing up at home. (Note: One size fits all.)

Although this 2 piece Spidey outfit has the traditional Spiderman design, it includes fiber optics to have the suit light up in the night. Your child will truly be the amazing Spider-Man and everyone will marvel at his cool moves! He will be able to embody one of the most famous superheroes day or night in this Spider-Man Fiber Optic Costume.

Spider-Girl Classic Toddler/Child CostumeSpiderman has been one of the most adored and deeply loved Marvel superheroes of all time. From little kids to adults, the popularity of Spiderman is evidenced around the world. He can be seen on the silver screen, in comic books and on merchandise available in stores. Spiderman has won the hearts of many.

It’s no wonder that Spiderman costumes are one of the most popular costumes during Halloween or themed events. However, there was a time when Spiderman costumes were only available for boys. But, after the marriage of Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) was born. Spider-Girl was introduced to the world in February 1998 as a teenager just discovering her abilities.

Although she is portrayed in the traditional suit her father wore, left to her own design, she’d probably have a more girly version as well. In fact, it would probably look a lot like the blue and red Spider-Girl dress with spider detailing on the front and a layered sparkly blue skirt. She’d also have a small black mask to hide her true identity.

The Spider-Girl costume is made of one hundred percent nylon and polyester to ensure comfort and maximum mobility. It is available in toddler and child sizes small, medium and large. You can pair it with some knee-high black leather boots that compliment the dress nicely. There are also webbed designed gloves that you can buy to add more detail to this costume.

Spiderman is not just for boys anymore! With this fabulous costume, your little girl can sport a strong and cute image. You’ll simply make her smile with this fabulous Spider-Girl costume. Whether it’s for her birthday, Halloween or a costume party, this outfit will surely stand out in the crowd!

So what are you possibly waiting for? Order this Spider-Girl costume for your child today and make her feel like a real superhero.

Spider-Man Comic Muscle Figure Child CostumeGet him ready for a swingin’ good time in the Spider Man Child Muscle Costume. Skinny kids no longer need to worry about being a threat to the evil guys.  This muscle costume will give them all the bulk they need to strike fear into their hearts.

A great new version of the Spiderman costume, this deluxe outfit includes a blue and red  bodysuit with the classic Spider Man design printed on the front. The torso and upper arm sections of the jumpsuit have muscle padding to give your child a look of strength and power.  A full Spiderman mask with eye and nostril slits for comfort is also included to hide his true identity.

Your child will feel just like the amazing Spiderman in this superhero costume. He’ll be ready to swing from the skyscrapers of New York City using his inner web power so he can save the day and restore his peaceful and busy city back to it’s original state.

Spider-Man Deluxe Web BlasterWith just the addition of a couple items, your little superhero will be well on his way to taking crime lords by storm. First, you’ll want to include a deluxe web blaster. Geared toward kids age five and up, they have two ways to defeat their opponents.

By simply slipping on the included Spider Man glove replica and then strapping on the blaster, your child can defeat his enemies with water by sending streams of the liquid from their blaster. Or, when he needs to trap his opponents or just show them the depth of his power, he can switch modes and blast them with a web.

In addition to the web blaster, complete the Spider Man Muscle Costume with a pair of red superhero boots. Featuring a ½” heel, faux leather material, and a raised trim cuff, these boots add a fun finishing touch to the outfit.

It’s just a matter of time before all of the bad guys fall prey to your child’s powers in this Spider Man costume. He’ll simply fall in love with it and because of its durability, you won’t have to worry about it wearing out anytime soon. And with extended wear, this deluxe costume is sure to bring the superhero out in him over and over again!

Spider-Girl Pink Classic Toddler/Child CostumeDoes your daughter yearn to swing from tall buildings and use radioactive power to fight the bad guys just as Spiderman does? Is she ready to dress up in something different for a change? Well, worry no more! She can now strut her spiderman powers in a pink Spidergirl costume that is perfect for birthday parties, Halloween parties, costume parties and even school plays.

When your child gets her next invitation to a costume party, don’t opt for the same old costumes she usually wears. Instead, try the pink Spidergirl costume. This costume actually adds a feminine touch to the classic Spidergirl costume by using pink cloth instead of the traditional red and blue.

Your little girl will really love this costume. The cute and fashionable outfit includes a pretty, but sporty pink dress with a back velcro closure, a hot pink center, web detailing and a layered pink sparkling skirt. Also included is a shiny silver eye mask to shield her identity as she fights crime. This costume is available in toddler (3T-4T) and child sizes small 4-6X), medium (7-8) and large (10-12) sizes.

To further enhance the overall appearance of this outfit, add a pair of sparkling pink tights. These are seamless and stretch to fit. They go especially well with a pair of white boots. The Dora white boots are a perfect match with their 1.75″ heel and side zipper that fit true to size.

The pink Spidergirl costume is really a great buy for girls who want to be traditional superhero, but want to look cute doing so. Shе’ll be able tο prove ѕhе′s јuѕt аѕ brаνе аѕ hеr partner іn red.  And, Pink Power wіll hаνе hеr battling evil аnd always going fοr thе win!

Spider-Man Bunting Infant CostumeWe all know that Peter Parker did not develop his special abilities and become Spiderman until he was a teenager. But surely, some of his instincts must have developed when he was a baby. Imagine how he would have developed had he worn a Baby Spiderman Costume.

Unfortunately, Peter was still a babe when he lost his parents. His father, Richard Parker, had taken a new job to go overseas for a few months. So, Peter’s parents asked Richard’s brother Ben to look after Peter while they were gone.

Peter’s only clear memory of his father is of his farewell at the airport. Peter also remembers that his mother Mary had tears in her eyes as she kissed him goodbye.

Peter did not see his parents again because they supposedly died in a plane crash a month later. However, years later, Peter uncovered facts that contradicted what he had been told about the death of his parents. Information suggesting that they might still be alive.

Had Peter’s spidey-sense been nurtured as a tot, he may have been able to avoid the untimely death of his parents. The good news is that it’s not too late for your baby.

The Baby Spiderman Costume is adorable and will melt any evildoer’s heart. This snuggly costume includes a bunting with a red and black webbed top with spider detail, blue bottom and a red and black webbed soft cap. Available in infant sizes 0-6 months, this spiderman costume will keep your little one warm, cuddly and on alert!

Spiderman Tween CostumeMake this Halloween one filled with Marvel Comic Book Mayhem. Try the new Spiderman Tween Costume every male tween will love. The simple mask and t-shirt make this costume a quick and easy change from boy to superhero in one fell swoop. Even the smallest tween can feel strong in the shirt printed with muscles and tattered wounds. The easy two- piece costume is one any parent will love with no snaps, zippers, or ties to contend with.

The Spiderman Tween Costume comes in size 14-16. There are optional accessories available that make this costume really leap over buildings such as the Spiderman Deluxe (adult) gloves or the Spiderman (adult) boot covers.

Spider-Man Adult Boot CoversYou can also add Spider Sense Tattoo’s. These real looking tattoos will make him the talk of the neighborhood and only you have to know that they aren’t real. In the morning they will wash off just like any other Halloween make-up but while the night is young he will look cool in front of all those tween girls that will be flocking around him.

The Spiderman Tween Costume is one both you and your son can agree upon this year and will make many photo memories to put in the family album. Your tween will be the hit at all the costume parties when he makes his entrance as the web shooting, wall crawling crime fighter. So make this Halloween one filled with Marvel Comic Book Mayhem. Try the new Spiderman costume every male tween will love.

The Amazing Spider-Man Black-Suited Spider-Man Muscle Chest Child CostumePeter Parker’s original Spiderman suit was red and blue with underarm webs. The Spiderman costume evolved during the course of his career. For example, the symbol on his chest changed several times and the webbing beneath his arms sometimes disappears.

The most significant change to Spiderman’s costume occurred after he found himself on a satellite in a galaxy far from Earth. Spiderman had been transported, along with other Super Heroes, to a planet called Battleworld by a near-omnipotent being called the Beyonder.

The Beyonder wanted heroes and villains to fight against one another. After fighting many battles, Spiderman’s costume was in tatters. He found a machine that could replace the ruined clothing. The machine produced a black Spiderman costume.

The black Spiderman costume had a lot of advantages over the red and blue one. It had a seemingly endless supply of webbing, and it could change its appearance instantly. It seemed to respond to Peter’s thoughts, and would slip over him whenever he wanted to go out web-swinging. The black Spiderman suit also created “pockets” instantly to store Peter’s possessions.

Black Spiderman Gloves

Black Spiderman Gloves

It’s no wonder why kids love the black Spiderman costume so much. It essentially mimics and improves super powers. But, likeSpiderman, you have to be careful where you get if from. You see, Spiderman later realized that his black Spiderman suit was an alien symbiote that wanted to form a permanent attachment to him. With the help of the Fantastic Four, he got rid of it and went back to his old look.

The Black Cat, however, thought the black Spiderman costume looked better. So, she made a cloth version of it as a gift to Spidey. He then used both costumes for many months and didn’t get rid of the black one until Venom entered his life.