Spiderman is a popular superhero among kids and adults alike. But, is Spiderman the type of character you want your child to emulate? Keep reading and you’ll soon discover if a Spiderman Kids Costume is a good choice.

Let’s first take a look at Peter Parker.

Peter was a young boy when his parents died in a plane crash. His father’s older brother and wife, Ben and Mary Parker, took Peter in and raised him as their own.

As a teen, Peter was an honor student. To the other students, however, he was an unwanted misfit. The girls thought he was too quiet and the boys considered him a wimp. It’s no wonder why he had trouble making friends.

The Beginnings

The first day of the rest of Peter’s life started after visiting a science exhibition. During one of the demonstrations, a common house spider was exposed to a massive dose of radiation when it swung into the path of a particle accelerator. The stricken spider landed on Peter’s hand and bit him as it died.

The spider’s irradiated venom altered Peter’s biochemistry. His body mutated, giving him the fantastic powers that would transform him into the amazing Spider-Man.

Peter tested his powers in a wrestling challenge. Disguised by a mask, he defeated the wrestler Crusher Hogan. He was then offered and accepted a spot on the show.

For his TV debut, Peter designed his first costume and a pair of web-shooters. The Spiderman Kids Costume is reminiscent of this initial design.

Peter’s First Criminal

The lights on Peter’s stardom soon dimmed. Returning home one night after a personal appearance, he discovered his Uncle Ben had been murdered by a burglar. Peter was stunned as he realized this was the same man who burglarized the studio where he worked a few nights before. At that time, he refused to help the security guard apprehend the criminal

Now, riddled with guilt, Peter vowed to use his power to protect the innocent and stop the guilty. He would never shirk his duty again because if he had stopped the thief at the TV studio, he could have prevented Uncle Ben’s death.

Driven by a sense of responsibility and accountability, Peter soon realized that he was a superhero people loved to hate. Considered a nuisance by some, he nonetheless endured many battles to protect the innocent. That’s why he makes a fun superhero to emulate by kids. Spiderman is a standup character that helps those who can’t help themselves.