Spider-Man Comic Muscle Figure Child CostumeGet him ready for a swingin’ good time in the Spider Man Child Muscle Costume. Skinny kids no longer need to worry about being a threat to the evil guys.  This muscle costume will give them all the bulk they need to strike fear into their hearts.

A great new version of the Spiderman costume, this deluxe outfit includes a blue and red  bodysuit with the classic Spider Man design printed on the front. The torso and upper arm sections of the jumpsuit have muscle padding to give your child a look of strength and power.  A full Spiderman mask with eye and nostril slits for comfort is also included to hide his true identity.

Your child will feel just like the amazing Spiderman in this superhero costume. He’ll be ready to swing from the skyscrapers of New York City using his inner web power so he can save the day and restore his peaceful and busy city back to it’s original state.

Spider-Man Deluxe Web BlasterWith just the addition of a couple items, your little superhero will be well on his way to taking crime lords by storm. First, you’ll want to include a deluxe web blaster. Geared toward kids age five and up, they have two ways to defeat their opponents.

By simply slipping on the included Spider Man glove replica and then strapping on the blaster, your child can defeat his enemies with water by sending streams of the liquid from their blaster. Or, when he needs to trap his opponents or just show them the depth of his power, he can switch modes and blast them with a web.

In addition to the web blaster, complete the Spider Man Muscle Costume with a pair of red superhero boots. Featuring a ½” heel, faux leather material, and a raised trim cuff, these boots add a fun finishing touch to the outfit.

It’s just a matter of time before all of the bad guys fall prey to your child’s powers in this Spider Man costume. He’ll simply fall in love with it and because of its durability, you won’t have to worry about it wearing out anytime soon. And with extended wear, this deluxe costume is sure to bring the superhero out in him over and over again!

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