The most vicious mass of mayhem Spiderman ever encountered was Venom. Venom was the melding of Eddie Brock (a man who blamed Spiderman for his ruined career) and the alien symbiote that once masqueraded as Spiderman’s black costume. Transformed to the Venom Spiderman Costume, it proved to be one of Spiderman’s worst foes.

Venom possesses all of Spiderman’s powers and those of the alien symbiote. This means he is stronger than Spiderman and he can use the alien symbiote to disguise himself to look like anything he can imagine.

The Venom Spiderman Costume provided Eddie with vastly superior strength and power, allowing him to stalk Spiderman without triggering Spidey’s spider sense. He eventually lured Spiderman to a South Sea island for a final battle. Spiderman faked his own death and Eddie saw no reason to continue being Venom. He and the symbiote remained on the island.

But the Spiderman/Venom saga did not end. After the show down, Spiderman discovered that a serial killer called Carnage had merged with remnants of the alien symbiote and planned to reap havoc wherever he turned. Spiderman was forced to seek Venom’s help to defeat this new menace.

Spiderman and Venom put their differences aside to battle Carnage. There remained, however, an inkling of distrust among them that suggests they’ll never be the best of friends. Despite this fact, the Venom Spiderman Costume brought them together for a common cause.

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